Let's build something great together.

We are a small group of people with love for great digital products focused on front-end development. Website or e-commerce designed by champions league designer? User interface layer for bigger software piece? This is where we thrive.

Currently looking for:

Front-end developer

mid/senior, Gdynia Poland
  • Javascript, HTML, CSS and all the stuff happening in a browser
  • caring about visual details and great UX
  • familiarity with well-established programming practices like DRY, TDD, storybooks, keeping things modular and decoupled

Big bonus if you are experienced in any of these: React, Redux, Angular, next.js, static sites, storybook, design language systems

Get in touch with Andrzej to apply: andrzej@ratio.team


40-90 PLN/h



Wordpress / CMS developer

mid/senior, Gdynia Poland
  • very good Wordpress knowledge, ability to code custom plugins
  • good PHP and general programming skills
  • caring about user experience of content editors
  • being open to work with other CMS solutions (Craft, Contentful, Twill, etc)

Front-end knowledge is a huge plus!

Get in touch with Andrzej to apply: andrzej@ratio.team


40-70 PLN/h



Front-end wannabe

If you don't have front-end experience but:

  • you're an experienced developer
  • you'd like to learn front-end
  • you're eager to learn and explore

...let us know. We might have an opportunity for you!

Apply to andrzej@ratio.team

How is it at Ratio?

You can do a good job

It might seem trivial but we don’t think it is. If you are ambitious, smart and like to push for the progress you surely know the pain of doing work that is pointless, wrong or simply stupid. Or being managed by people not knowing much about technology pushing for unrealistic ideas in unreasonable deadlines.

Our fundamental rule is to prevent that. Your talent shouldn’t be damped. It should thrive and you should be proud of the work you do.

We aim for top league

Our nature is to strive for excellence and we never did fall into the mediocrity trap. We only work with clients who want the best quality and who can appreciate it. We code things designed by champions league of designers. We write code we’re happy with, in technologies and standards that are fresh, slick and don’t make us feel like cavemen of programming.

What about tech?

Recently we have leaned towards React but honestly, we don’t care that much. Really.

Our primary focus is on delivering great user experiences. We always pick tech that’s best to achieve this goal. Well-architected and slick UI done in an old-fashioned framework is always better than shitty experience written badly in the newest version of Angular.

We believe that general programming skill + being a good team player + being emphatic about end-user are more important than knowing any particular framework. Being able to handle a hammer and a saw doesn’t mean you can design a great building, does it?